Thursday, December 03, 2009

Kwiz #3

Found this great shot of Gedman on ebay. In this picture, Rich is on deck. The pitcher he's about to face was born in the same city as what pitcher who was once a teammate of Geddy?

Shortstop update: It appears Marco Scutaro will be our new shortstop for '10.

His career Fenway stats: 100 at bats, 29 hits. Eight of 'em doubles, one dong. On base 32.1 percent of the time.

So what does this mean for Lowrie? If we've got Marco for the next two seasons, and this young kid coming up after that, Jed's gotta do something. I guess he'll just start fighting for the job in March and we'll take it from there.

Greg Harris.
That's correct. The path: It's '87 because of the 75th anniversary sleeve patch. Geddy only played in Anaheim in one day game that year. He only had one at bat and faced Duane Buice. Buice was born in Lynwood, CA. Same as two of Geddy's teammates, Rick Burleson, and Greg Harris, who terribly was never allowed to pitch with both hands by the team. ANd only Harris was a pitcher. (I phrased it that way so there'd only be one answer.)

Very nice job! (Though there's a chance the bat boy might have had an old jersey on. Or that the "night game" from the night before was late afternoon and it was still light out during his at bat in that game, but prob. not since it was May and he batted in the late innings.)
It wouldn't be an offseason without the Red Sox making a terrible decision at the SS position.
Hey--it's the annual "ticket test run." Not much new, except that it's now a 15-second wait in the "room" instead of 30. We'll find out next week if that's just a spring training ticket thing.
Well for some of us it was more than just a test run! But happily, my father and I both got through by 10:30, and had no problem getting everything we need. Other than the 15 second refresh, the rest of the process was the same as it was at the end of last year. Good luck next week! of these days it will be real for me too; eventually I'll get to Fort Myers. (Oh but I did do it for real one year to buy for my cousin.) Glad you got what you wanted!
Marco Scutaro is described by my brother (a Blue Jays fan) on Twitter as "an aging player who had a terrific flukey 1 year". I hope bro' is wrong, but almost all of Scutaro's offensive categories (the important ones, anyway) are statistical outliers, and he's 34 years old.

Personal story about DeWayne Buice: Back in 1988, I helped my uncle (a maintenance contractor) install new shower doors in DeWayne Buice's apartment in Costa Mesa, California. Sadly, DeWayne was not at home at the time, so I never got to meet one of several guys putting together a lousy season out of the 'pen for a lousy team. (41 1/3 innings pitched, 45 hits [including five home runs], 19 walks, a 2-4 record and a sparkling 5.88 ERA... and since it was the Year of the Balk, DeWayne chipped in with two of his own.)

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