Friday, December 18, 2009

Happiness Is A Warm State

I've lived in four states in my life. They are all very sad. Connecticut came in 50th on the list of happiness. New York came in 51st! RI and Mass are also in the bottom ten, and if you include Nebraska where I lived in college, all five of my states are in the second division.

(Then again, we're talking about a survey that lists Louisiana as the happiest state.)

Also, Matty has informed me that Yawkey Way Store is selling a lot of Ellsbury merch at half-price. In-teresting. [Update: Section 36 reminded me right away that Jacoby switched to number 2. So that explains the discounted 46 jerseys...but how come I didn't see any 2 jerseys there? Also check out Section 36's scavenger hunt, I've been meaning to tell you that...]

Louisiana is the happiest state!? I say that list is seriously flawed. I'm much happier in the sad northern states, too.

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