Thursday, December 10, 2009

Gridlock Sam

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Took me a while, but I finally got pretty much the view from the Diff'rent Strokes theme on Google Maps. It was hard because you have to look through the side of the bridge. I wonder if they had a camera up on the bride or maybe in that tram thing. Or maybe it was just stock footage. Some buildings are blocked, but you can clearly see the twin buildings that have the K and E over them. And of course the ESB and the CB. I thought to do this not only because I'm watching "Black to the Future," but because I hung out with two people named Dee and Dwayne last night, honest to Greenwell. Oh, and Street View is everywhere now. Hawaii, Canada, Spain.... remember when it was just San Francisco?

So they're saying the MIke Lowell trade is finally pretty much official now.... So more on that later when it's really fully true.


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