Monday, November 02, 2009

Yanks Again Do Nothing, Again Win

I don't want to be out of line here, telling Philly fans what to do, but I'll give them a hint: IT'S THE FUCKING OPPOSITE OF WHAT YOU DID TONIGHT. ie. "sittin' there, chin in hands." It's the World Series.

Now for the actual team: Inexcusable. You don't leave a base unattended. If you do, pick a time other than "ninth inning of tie game in the (shouting now) WORLD SERIES."

There's nothing you can do about Jeter's 500-hop hits or the bloops that fall in, but my god, keep your heads in the effing game!

On the Yanks' last two hits in the ninth, Jeter had nothing to do with either one, but was shown four times cheering. I still just don't get it. Maybe I'm missing something. Maybe he really is god. It makes perfect sense. Someone does something, then we see the reaction of he who divined it to be possible. Okay, in that case, I get it. What else could it be? Is somebody paying for it? Is it like facial product placement? One shot of him clapping in slow motion for something he had nothing to do with would be weird and mysterious. Four times within two minutes? There HAS to be something I'm missing.

Time to win three in a row, Phillies.

At this point, I can honestly say I hate Phillies fans more than Red Sox fans.+
wait, you're the ones I WANT to be hated by more!
Or, "hated more by," I should say.
I think it's just a feeling of the moment, LOL.
The Philly fans may have been silently and fruitlessly praying during the bottom of the 9th, but they were all fired up for the rest of the game. They were cheering so loud when A-Rod got hit that we could just about hear those wastes of space on Long Island, never mind the chants of "Yankees Suck" and "New York Assholes." As for the Yanks doing nothing, the umps just gave us those runs, hmm? Would you like some cheese to go with your sour grapes? I agree the Phillies blew it big time leaving 3rd unattended, but that just means Damon would've had to run faster to score, it doesn't change the outcome. (Though I may not forgive Jorge for walking into the out that ended the rally.) And why, for the entire postseason, have you failed to notice all the times the Yanks have been fucked by umpire blindness? Oh wait - because you hate them, they must be cheating. Meanwhile the Phils continue to hit our players without retribution or serious rebuke, got a run called that shouldn't have been because Howard never touched Home and you stay silent. If it were the Sox up there instead of the Yanks, you'd likely be screaming that every HBP was purposeful.
I don't expect this comment to be approved. But I've had great fun typing this, before my first cup of coffee. BTW, my husband and I find your blog hysterical and often check it shortly after the Yanks win a game to read your latest ranting.
Dear kaseino, via Jere's space:

I'm sure Yankee fandom can be treated medically. Please talk to your doctors.

Yours etc.
Those fans were NOT fired up. They'd get the first two runners on base, and..nothing! Just waiting. I hardly ever saw the stupid towels (which besides being dumb, also make LESS noise because you can't clap.)

Howard did not touch the plate, but that's a case where it literally doesn't matter. I hate that he risked being called out (had the Yanks appealed)--he probably didn't want to admit he missed it so he didn't go back. But Posada dropped the ball. And then quickly it got thrown to second. So the Yanks have no argument on that other than with themselves for not appealing it. You'd have a case if A. Posada held the ball and they called him safe w/out touching home, or B. the Yanks had appealed and they STILL called him safe. But in that case, it's a no harm no foul type thing. Ask Girardi.

It's just like how I'd never complain that Chris Chambliss never touched home in '76. He (and Howard) were for all intents and/or purposes safe.

As for the rest of your comments, how can you root for that team?? How do their faces not make you want to vomit??
Ha! I didn't see El Cerdo's comment until AFTER I wrote back to her*, and I see we wrote similar things!

Or him, I don't want to assume a person is female just because they have a husband. And I didn't click the profile.
The reason Howard never touched home plate is because he looked up at the umpire, who was explicitly (and incorrectly) giving the 'safe' sign when he should have just stood there with his hands at his side. That was the ump's fault, and once it occurred why would Howard ever think that he still needed to go back and touch the plate? If the Yanks had appealed, and the ump reversed his call, the Phils would have had an excellent argument to take right to the Commissioner's box.

Unfortunately, Bad Lidge made his presence felt last night, just as I had feared. I think even more annoying is just how sloppy the Phils were in the field, not just in the 9th, but back when their infield gave the Yanks their 3rd and 4th runs on a silver platter.

I suspect that the Phillie fans are a lot louder in person than you think; I've noticed that Fox' broadcasts tend to suppress the crowd noise...that definitely was the case for the games in the Bronx, which were much quieter than the typical YES network broadcast.

Anyway, this is all over unless Cliff Lee can manage to pitch the next 27 innings. Sucks to see a team buy a title so blatantly.
The ump did stand there with arms at side. Then it was almost like he thought, Okay, I guess nobody cares, and kind of sheepishly stuck his arms out. The fact that no Yankee even thought to do or say anything about it tells me they didn't even think it was a possibility he missed the plate. But I do feel Howard just didn't want to ADMIT that he missed it, and that's why he just walked away, when he should have just gone back and touched as soon as they threw the ball away just in case.

I don't how how people saw that crowd as being into it. They were doing closeups of people sitting there making no noise. When you'd see the background of the batter, the entire front section was just heads, no arms, mouths, or towels. On top of the fact that I heard nothing. I mean, I had something to compare it to, because of course they went nuts when the team scored and stuff, and it was nothing like that at all in general, even during rallies.
Yeah, actually, I just watched the replay again and you're right, the ump only does a half-hearted safe call once Howard is heading towards the dugout with his back to him. So that's an even worse job by the ump, since he seemed to realize that Howard hadn't touched the plate but for some reason called it anyway. But it doesn't change the point that if the Yanks had appealed, the Phils could have argued that they were deceived by the ump's call into thinking the play was over.

Still don't agree w/you on the crowd noise though. There have been Yankees Suck and You Take Steroids chants that I could only make out because I was expecting them; I get the sense that Fox is suppressing the sound specifically to avoid complaints from parents about that stuff.
I heard those chants.

Just watch every offensive Philly inning once they're behind 4-2. (Only down 2, note!)

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