Monday, November 02, 2009

We Take Game 5

We go "back to New York!"

I love that the Yanks almost came back but didn't. Two more, Phillies! Any way you can get 'em.

Pedro. Game 6. I like it.
For as much grief as Charlie Manuel got for not throwing Cliff Lee in Game 4, I think he may have outmaneuvered Dumbo JR on this one...Pedro starts gm 6, with Cole Hamels able to relieve if Petey gets into trouble. Game 7 you can start Hamels if he doesn't pitch in gm 6, or go back to Blanton on 3 days rest w/ Cliff Lee on his side-session day ready to Randy Johnson his way into Series lore in relief if necessary.

Now, by not using Gaudin in gm 5 in what was essentially a "free play" for Girardi in a game started by the other team's ace, he's gotta go to Petitte on short rest and then to Sabathia on short rest again for gm 7.

I like the Philly's chances; this feels like that moment we realized, "Shit, if we can just get to Schilling in Game 6, it's all hands on deck for Game 7..."

This is gonna happen, Jere...I'm on board...

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