Thursday, November 05, 2009

Somewhere, Mike Mussina Weeps

The Yanks join six other teams in second place this millennium with one World Series win. Hey, at least they're on the board!

In the "old days," it was really tough to watch the Yanks win it all. The '96 one I just couldn't deal with, as the last time they'd won, I was 3 years old. In '98 I remember Pat and I blowing into the top of 2-liter Coke bottles, dubbing the noise the "Padres train"...which quickly derailed. In '99, I'd just been fired from a job, and sat there thinking, mistakenly, that the Braves would roll. And in 2000, I was so sure the Mets the Mets, that I barely watched. And being in southwest Connecticut the whole time, it wasn't fun. At all. It wasn't that they won, it was that they won another one since we'd won, 80 years earlier.

2004 changed our lives forever. Despite Michael Kay's backwards theory that "it would be the worst thing" for us, we had a huge weight lifted, and any kind of loss now just isn't as horrible as before. And "loss" includes Yankee wins. Look at this--we just watched the Yanks win the World Series and we can say we've done it more than they have in the last nine years! Think about how amazing that is (provided you're old enough to have remembered the pre-'04 days). So, thanks again to the 2004 Red Sox. And to the 2007 team for clinching our undisputed Team of the Fucking Decade title.

Because of them, we never have to read stuff like THIS again. (Seriously, nauseated Sox fans, read that article--it will make you feel good, when you consider what happened just a year after it was published.)

Okay, baseball season's over, and Kwiz season will soon begin, along with whatever other wacky stuff I come up with for the offseason. Stay tuned.

Congratulations, Yankees!

(Just kidding, assholes!)

Thanks, Jere. I was feeling grim all morning until I read this post.

And I did click on the link to that 2003 article by Noneck Cromagnonman. Hopefully he's been tormented to the point of tears over how things went from 2004 through 2008. Such a shame that with his faulty memory (by definition), the insufferability shall resume now that the Yankees have slimed their way back to the top. Again.

Congratulations, Yankees!

(Just kidding, assholes!)

Man, thanks a million for THAT link!
That just made my day. I can honestly say as much as I despise the Yankees and the fact that they just won the series, I'll never have that much invested emotionally in other people's woes. That is truly sad, and I am SO thankful to the Red Sox for apparently making the rest of this guys life miserable, as it will be according to his own words.
I'll e-mail you about a magnet when I get back to NC, which may be as late as Wednesday it appears now.
I'm just having WAY to damn much fun out here. I did get to meet Zenslinger from JoS at his hangout in San Francisco, but only very briefly. Still, it was cool.
Reading that made me feel better also. It's reading crap like that from this Zimmer moron that makes me detest the MFY so much. I hope Sox fans made his life hell on October 20, 2004.

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