Tuesday, November 03, 2009

No Cera, Cera...Whoever Will Mutiny, Will Be Beat Down By His Brother

I reallly wanted to write a Letter to the Editor of that traitorous article by Joe Nocera...I was beaten to it by his own brother!

Thanks to Riggs for the heads-up.

Among the many reasons that article bothered me was the fact that I lived for so long in the NY-area and then in NYC, and not once did I think, Oh, I'm here, might as well root for the team I hate! And that guy moves to New York after like 50 years and switches like it's nothing.

What's with this stupid line from Richard Nocera: "And now they’re back to doing what they do best — lose!"

The Red Sox won how many games in 2009? 95?
Yeah AJM brought this up in the prev. post--I don't know what the dude's problem is but at least he came out against his brother's ridiculousness. (My theory on why he said it that way was that he was like, Hey, if you want an "underdog," of the Sox or Yanks why are you rooting for the one that's IN the WS?")

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