Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Kwiz #1

I just got back from the Baseball Hall of Fame. Pictures of all the Rice-tasticness coming soon. In the meantime, I wanted to start of the new Kwiz season with a video Kwiz--but I felt weird about talking all loud in the gallery. So I just shot the video, figuring I'd type out the question. So here it is, and below it, the question. Note: You don't actually need to view the video, it's just for reference, I guess.

At the bottom of Jim Rice's plaque is a little notation that says the copyright date. In what year did the Hall of Fame first start regularly putting this on the plaques? Put your answer in comments. One guess at a time. I wanna go to bed, so I'll get into the full rules of Kwiz Season and set up the other page later.....

Class of '85?
That was quick. Yes, '85.

There are two pre-'85 copyrights. Bob Feller, and....someone else, I'll show the pics tomorrow. But every one from '85 on has it.
Serves me right for deciding to sleep on it.

But isn't this a little like holding Opening Day in Tokyo?
no it's like having Opening Day in Cooperstown!
Even the Nationals go 1-0 sometimes...

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