Saturday, November 14, 2009

Jere Recofreakinmmends

Just watched the documentary Harvard Beats Yale 29-29. Very nice job. I guess I never realized just how amazing the comeback was. My only complaint is that they didn't use Ken Coleman's call of the game.

I've had it in my Netflix queue for a while. A long-time co-worker who retired about a year ago played football for Harvard in the late 60's and lived on the same dorm floor as Tommy Lee Jones and Al Gore. Pretty sure he wasn't in the movie though. I'll have to ask him sometime.
Tommy Lee Jones was a lineman for Harvard in that game. He was also Mr. Global Warming's roomie there too.
AJM: We also have a long-time family friend who played for Harvard, knew those guys, and was in the film. (His family was also the connection I used to meet your boy Kapstein once.) Ha, Al Gore just came on TV on an Office commercial as I was writing.
Hi Jere. Believe it or not, my Dad, Mom, brother and I were on the Harvard side for that game up in Mass. I was waving my blue Yale banner as the game got closer and closer in the fourth. When Harvard tied the score, I ripped up that paper/cloth banner and threw it into the wind. It landed on the field as the Hah-vard fans around us cheered wildly (for me AND the outcome of the game, of course).

Every year, my Dad & Mom alternated between New Haven and Mass. with their dear friends who lived outside of Boston, Uncle Charlie and Aunt Peggy O'Conner. They're both gone now but my memories of them will live forever. Those great weekends at their house and the every-other-yearly trip for Game weekend were highlights of my late autumns. I''ll never forget that game, or any of 'em.

Uncle Charlie went to Harvard and my Dad did his post graduate studies at Yale. It was a loving rivalry between our two families, a rivalry I was so lucky to be a part of. I didn't know it then but I sure know it now.

Life goes on. So do we. Hi to Kim.

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