Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Empty Pocket Needs A Refill

On the way home from CT tonight, saw the front cover of the Herald with a story about dudes bickering over the 1912 WS trophy. The story's not all that interesting--aside from the fact that one of the guys is actually "Pete Nice" from 3rd Bass--but what I can't understand is how a major Boston newspaper could put the OLD Red Sox logo on the front page. They changed that thing a year ago! It was big news!

Just when I thought everybody'd finally heard... oh wait, except for those WB Mason trucks...and that National Floors Direct billboard. And windshield decals everywhere... oh, and if you're a casual fan or something and you're thinking, Maybe they used the 1912 logo, eh, no, Peg, the one they used came out in the 70s/80s* and lasted through the 2008 season.

*Creamer's page (which isn't 100% accurate) now shows its first year as '76--I think it used to say '83 or '79 or something. I smell a new research project...

[Alternate post title: "I shoulda started MAOL: Media Against Outdated Logos"]


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