Wednesday, October 28, 2009

You Should Talk

So Steve Phillips cheats on his wife--again--and is fired by ESPN. Yet a lot of sports show hosts aren't making fun of Steve for cheating, but for cheating with an "unattractive" person! What kind of message is this? "Hey, kids, it's okay to destroy the lives of your spouse/family/kids/self, as long as you get to score with a 'hot chick'."

It's definitely is consistent with the virtual museum of sexism that is sports radio.

Let's take a look at two of the guys who have made fun of that Phillips' girlfriend's looks (shown here sandwiching the woman who helps run one of these stations and should fire herself):

Yes! Now those are the type of knock-down gorgeous people you should be cheating on your spouse with! THAT would be perfectly acceptable!

I am the walrus? I am the eggman? Coo coo cahcoo? Bless you!

By the way, for those who don't know, it's the Big O (who I still don't believe really talks like that seriously--like "parody of sports talk guy" or Rob Schneider's Big P character from Weekend Update) on the left and one of the two Morning Racist on the right.
This woman should be a hero to us all. She sacrificed her job and privacy to remove Phillips from the ESPN baseball-broadcasting airwaves. (That wasn't her goal, but that was the glorious result.)

Can we hire a woman to sleep with Joe Morgan or Rick Sutcliffe?

I'm in for $20.
"She sacrificed her job and privacy to remove Phillips from the ESPN baseball-broadcasting airwaves."

Yes! Seriously, praise her...

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