Monday, October 26, 2009

Team With Most Money, Drugs, Takes AL Title

It wouldn't be a Yankee pennant without a shitload of luck, the opponent acting like they literally didn't know there was a game that day, and the boys in blue wearing Yankee hats for good measure. (And their biggest stars being admitted drug cheats, despite that Fox completely ignores it.) I give the Yankees no credit! (And I hope that makes random Yankee fan trolls come here and tell me I lose all credibility. Oh no, what will I do without that pwecious cwedibiwiteeee??)

Okay, so did everyone who assumed the Yanks would blow thorough the playoffs watch this series? And see that the Phillies can easily destroy them? If the sound-asleep Angels can take 'em that far, the Phils can win. The Yanks figuratively have no bullpen, and literally have three starters.

Really great job representing your dead friend, Angels. (eyes rolling)

Hey did they have cops on horses tonight--you never know when those empty blue seats are gonna storm the field.

We are all Philly fans now. Do it, Philly.

I feel like Hooper talking to Quint: "Quint, let it go. It's not a shark. Okay, you don't want to listen to me, don't listen to me." Like I was saying, there was never any chance that the Halos would actually show up and win a game in the Bronx.

I do believe in the Phillies though. They've got the lineup, they've got a lefty ace at the top of their rotation, and they've got Petey, who I believe will come up big in Game 3. The only problem is that Bad Lidge sucks, although I'll grant that unlike Fuentes, he's actually looked good so far in the playoffs. If the Phillie bullpen steps up, they've got a real chance.
This entire season - well, the part from mid-May onward - including the post-season, has been a classic case of big brother / little brother. (Sorry to plagiarize your term, Jere, but it fits.) Outline of process:

- Team plays very well against competitors.
- Empty-headed sports writers rant about how great Team is, but that's not important, as the Yankees are worthy of worship, etc.
- Team plays extremely well even against tough clubs late in season.
- Team meets Yankees.
- Team collapses and fails to play to half its ability.

It could be worse, of course. It could have been the Dodgers against the Yankees, putting me in the position of having to root for the Dodgers. Ick.

So... go Phillies! Sweep the bad guys away in four.
Do you realize that your blog has become a source of amusement for Yankee fans across the Internet? The bitterness is just hilarious!
Oh no! They're all laughing at me! I'll stop blogging!!

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