Monday, October 12, 2009

A Song About A Superhero

Our Northampton trip today was a good remedy for the first-day-of-winter blues. Tomorrow I'll post pictures from something or other, maybe even the last Fenway game if I feel like it.

Hey, remember I interviewed the oldest living MLB player, Tony Malinosky? Well, he finally turned 100 years old. Nice job, Tony! This article mentions that he actually was in attendance at the Dodgers game that day. And a few newspaper reporters have written to me recently about the pieces they're writing about Tony. I'll have to link to those if and when they go up online.

Also, with all the money that's gonna be refunded to me for those ALCS tickets, I bought a bunch of stuff I needed in Noho. New shoes since mine had holes in them, new jackets for winter, etc. (I'd still rather have the Red Sox be playing though...)
NoHo has one of the best breakfast spots, Sylveser's - if you can get a seat in the damn place but I always find their eggs benedict are worth the wait on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Jake's is also really good.

That whole area reminds me of a suburban east village.

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