Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Season Finally Over

When I decided to go see the new Michael Moore movie at 6:30 tonight, I knew I wouldn't be seeing any of that Twins-Tigers play-in game. As Kim and I drove home, we listened for the 9:40 update--more than four and a half hours after the game started--and heard my old pal Steve Somers asking when the game would end. We got home and flipped on the TV to find out it had just ended. Twins win. And have only a few hours to get to New York. I hope all the talk show hosts who boldly stated that there is NO ADVANTAGE to winning the division are paying attention to the Yanks getting to play at home against a team with no pitchers left and who played a 12-inning game the night before while the Red Sox had to fly across the country.

That's not to say I don't think the Twins can win. Even though the Tigers were better suited to beat the Yanks, the Twins are the team with momentum. Maybe they can spin some Metrosexualdome Magic. They never seemed to beat the Yanks with Santana, maybe they'' finally do it without him.

Playoffs start to-effin'-morrow! For the Yanks and Twins anyway. Remember, people, when media folks say they're rooting for the Yanks to make the ALCS so they can play us, they're doing that because they like RATINGS. It doesn't mean you can't root as hard against the Yanks in the first round as you would if the Sox weren't in the playoffs at all. I sure will be. If we do have to play them, fine, nobody's scared of them, but I'm not gonna sit there and root for them for any reason.

Hope you all had the same good fortune ticket-wise as I did today....

Oh, right, the movie! It ruled. I recommend it.

I was rooting for the Tigers because they would have at least had a 10% chance or so of beating the Yanks w/Verlander. The Twinkies, on the other hand, have absolutely zero chance. They haven't won a game in the Bronx since LBJ was in the White House, and their manager might be a bigger idiot than Grady Little. If I had to guess, I suspect the Yanks win two games in blowouts, and one close game that comes down to Gardenhire doing something really stupid to blow it.
And the Twinkies tease us for a couple of innings before turning into a pumpkin. Oh well. At least by getting into the playoffs, they guaranteed that Mauer will get his very well deserved MVP instead of Jeter.

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