Sunday, October 25, 2009

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Remember how I was complaining about that guy who did the Red Sox prints, because he sold out and started doing Yankee ones, too? Well, the last time I checked UniWatch, I noticed his ad is still up--only now its a special "Yankees only" ad, with his bullshit "classy-fied" Yankee prints of Jeter, the old Stadium, etc. Like I said before, when he allowed his stuff to be sold in Dunkin Donuts, it was bad enough, but I gave him a break because, hey, some people make their living selling their artwork to major corporations, shitty as that is. But when he decided to turn his art into a way to pimp himself out to Yankee fans? That was it for me. It's like those companies that make "Yankees suck" products but also make "Boston Sucks" stuff. If you are like me and feel that the Yankees do indeed suck, and you want to sell that to me on a product, I'll buy it. If you're selling it to me because you know you can make money off me, and you're also selling products with the opposite sentiment on them, well, I know what's most important to you, and you can go screw.

New topic: The new-for-'09 Red Sox logo. We all (most) know that the Red Sox changed their circle logo before last season. The "Boston" at the top used to be blue and in a different font than the "Red Sox" below. They made the "Boston red," and in the same ornate font, as well as tweaking the positioning of the stitches on the baseball behind the socks in the middle. Yet some people never got the memo. I've been tracking it all year, and I've come up with a comprehensive list. Okay, I didn't really, but I tried to keep one in my head, and that didn't quite work. But I know that flooring company still uses the old. And a bunch of other people do too. Do a Google image search on "red sox logo" and you'll mainly see the old one. I just wonder about this because teams switch logos all the time and it seems like people go "okay, I guess we have to use this thing now," yet with ours, lots of people just seemed to ignore the change. Maybe because the changes were somewhat subtle? Did I just type that many words about this?

Angels at Yanks try again to play Game 6 tonight. Gotta get like 5 in the first and go from there, Dead, Winged People.


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