Friday, October 16, 2009

Puking From The Shoes

The Angels looked about as scared as Ronan Tynan in a synagogue. (And by that I don't mean they had giant ears and no legs.)

Those goddamn chicken-shit motherhumper Angels better show up for the rest of this series like they did for the last one. Come on, aren't you supposed to be doing it for the dead guy? Don't let his family down!

In case you missed the game, it was sort of a "Greatest Hits" of the past few decades of Yankee cheapness. The broken bat bloops, the bad calls, the opponent errors, the Jeter hits to right field, and the classic "ball that's an out 9,999 times out of 10,000 but not only does the Yankee opponent fuck it up, but the Yankees somehow get credit for a hit on the play." In other words, absolutely sickening. (And with bonus of Joe Buck telling us how the Yankees "expect to win" now, as if that counts for JOHN FECES!)

And I still don't get why Yankee fans continue to come to games dressed as blue chairs. It's just bizarre.

Dude! I don't mind your angry rants, in fact, I like them but for pete's sake leave the animals out of it! Ha-ha. When you went off on that numb skull a few weeks ago, I was just like "poor hypothetical frog never hurt anyone, leave him out of this hate fest!"

I know I'm crazy that I am getting upset over figurative animals...
Ha. I think it shows that I care about animals MORE than humans---I was like, Look how bad this guy is, he takes advantage of frogs' genitalia...

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