Monday, October 05, 2009

Playoff Gold

Am I looking past the ALDS? Eh...NO, Peg. But they put the ALCS tickets on sale before the ALDS even begins. And I'm looking gold so far. My mom has continued her streak of winning seemingly every ticket lottery she enters, so we've got a game there. My 10-Game Plan through the team gives me a guaranteed chance to buy a playoff ticket every year, and this year it was home game 3 of the ALDS--which won't be happening, so they gave me an ALCS game, which I just bought now. So we're looking at a minimum of two of the three ALCS games, all at face value, albeit with much more expensive faces anyway. Golden Girls.

Came on here to see how many games you're going to, and saw exactly what I expected to see. Damn you Jere/Jere's mom and your good fortunes with the ticket draws!

I went 0/4 in both draws. Well, myself, Steph, my dad and my mom.

I have no idea why she's so lucky. It's only me and her, every time, and she gets a win every time. I definitely remember the days when I'd enter every time and lose every time and not even believe it was really. But you really can win.
Yeah, I've hit on a couple of the seasonal draws, the RF Roof Deck and Yankees games ones. Never monster seats or playoffs though.

Oh well, I'm ready for a non-stop barrage of playoff baseball for 3 weeks. This is gonna be fun.

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