Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pink Moon + 5

Can you believe it...has been five years since the Goose Bumpiest of all nights? We really saw it happen. The Red Sox won the World Series. Below is the video I made that off-season, which will always be my favorite thing of possibly all the things I've ever created in my life:

The song is by Nick Drake, but all the video was taken by me. I had the camera outside on a tripod filming the pink, eclipsing moon as it went across the sky on the night we won. Those shots are between slo-mo shots from the Rolling Rally, which Pat and I attended a few days later. At the beginning and end are shots from when the team brought the trophy to the New Haven Green. Note a very young Youkilis up there, along with Castiglione, Theo, Werner, and Lucchino.

More '04 vids up at Joy of Sox.

Just beautiful. Thank you.
No problem!

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