Saturday, October 24, 2009

No Advertising In Comments Allowed!

If there's one thing I hate more than advertising, it's doing it in a sneaky way. (Especially when they try to get it for free, and they're a giant company that needs no help anyway.) Look at this "comment" I got yesterday. See if you're *savvy* enough to spot the intricately weaved in ad!

....This is simply because IF the Angels have to go to the bottom of the 9th tied or trailing, they'd get to face Rivera, who sweet mercy I CANNOT WAIT til he retires, does not give up anything even IF he gets in a jam...see Game 3.

I think it's an interesting point to talk about. I've also got some great [stuff to sell] from [business], a client of mine.

But back to business, let's not leave out Girardi either. He PINCH RAN for A-Rod. That was ridiculous. He makes Scoscia look like Joe Torre. I'll hold off from commenting on Tim McCarver since it would only upset me.

So disgusting. (Note: This was a rare time when it wasn't about ticket agencies--it was another baseball-related racket.) "Back to business"? That's your big segue? Did an "ad man" with a big cigar come up with that one? They really thought we'd all think that this "real sports fan" commenter just happened to think of this business in mid-comment, decided to tell us about it, and then go right back to what he was talking about?

Look, if you wanna advertise on someone's site, at least offer to give them something in return. At this site, you'll be told "no" anyway, but at least there's some honesty involved that way. (But also stupidity, since when you tell me you think my site would be a "great fit" for your company's ad, it clearly means you didn't even look at it, what with its big "ad free site" banner and repeated anti-advertising rants.)

So--to "Tom," who posted that comment. I know you're probably long gone, like some sort of "Johnny Ad-pleseed," but you are always welcome to come back and talk about whatever without trying to make money off of me. (Then again, I doubt you really are a Red Sox fan--you must have to "relate" to the content of each blog you visit with your fake comments. But if you do happen to be a fan, feel free to read this blog and post not-for-profit comments.)

Thank you.

Angel Nation (Heaven?), wake up! You have another must-win tonight! We're all on your side. (Except for talk show hosts who start fake arguments strictly so they'll have something to "debate" by saying "I want the Yankees to win because it's a 'better story.'" I've heard this phenomenon on two DIFFERENT Boston sports stations in the last few days. This really relates to the above--it's all about doing something totally fake, just to make money. Remember kids, money is the most important thing! But if they really are rooting for the "better story" (my god, isn't having those fuckers LOSE a better story anyway??), it just shows the disconnect between media and fans, which is why if you're a fan, you should make your own site--the media's becoming less and less relevant, but we need to drive the final stake into them! Become the media! (But once you have, don't just turn into exactly what they were. Like Dirtdogs.)

"Tom" posted a similar thing at my blog. I copied what he said with a [deleted because it was a commercial], but I may go back and dump the whole thing now.
It figures. Thanks for confirming. I was actually checking the text from his comment on Google to see if I could find it on other blogs...must not be showing up yet. Or he altered it with each blog he went to.
It was totally different. It was on the Newsday article post, so he talked about that stuff.

He's doing an awful lot of work for absolutely nothing. It is clearly an ad -- and anyone can also hover over it and see the URL and promptly ignore it.

What a waste of time, kind of like trolls who post lengthy comments that will be shitcanned the instant they come in.
Its called pay per post and its been happening since blogging began. Its unethical and immoral but so are greedy people. The best you can do is delete the comments.
Yup. I've been doin' this for 5.5 years, I know all about it. Been happening in some form since the first human could talk I bet.....

But I will say, we can do better than deleting the comments--we can speak out about it, teach our kids there's more to life than making the most money, etc.
redsock--my current "troll who writes daily knowing the posts never go through" has commented TWICE already on this post. (His latest came with that Yankee-media perpetuated myth that the Red Sox have the second highest payroll--we've been 4th the last two seasons. He's not alone though--this week I heard a caller say we're "right behind the Yanks in spending money and neither Tony Mazz nor Michael Felger corrected him. But even if we were second, our payroll is nowhere near the Yanks, and their fans know it.)
Redsock, Jere, this hits right at home. I've received "personalized" comments on my blog that had another agenda i.e. selling something in mind. I delete them immediately, no matter how sly or cleverly devious they might be. You see, I KNOW I'm WAY smarter than they could ever be.

Enjoy game six, my friends and have a great Sunday. Go Halos.

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