Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lil' Contest

Here's what we'll do. Guess how many total runs will be scored in the NLCS, by both teams combined. You have until the first pitch of game TWO is thrown. (Why? Because game one's about to start and I didn't think of this until now.) Put your guess in the comments--I won't reveal any of the guesses until game two starts. I will make the winner one of my patented (not really) customizable baseball card magnets. Winner is closest person to the amount. If more than one person wins, great, you both get a magnet.

By the way, I knew that kid wasn't in that flying thing. (I predicted he was in the bathroom....)

[Update, 10/16, 11:35 AM: We've got 9 people so far. Two of them guessed the same amount within one minute of each other. You've got till 4:07 to get your guess in...]

I in with 49.

And DAMN I wish Manny was still a Red Sock
I'll go with 48 runs.
I will enter for the chance to win one of your magnets ... I will say 47 total runs.
I'll guess 67.
NLCS: 35 runs by Phils/Dodgers combined.

P.S.: It is good to hate the Dodgers.
I'll guess 54.
54 total runs.

Pedro vs. Manny this afternoon is Must See TV.

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