Thursday, October 01, 2009

Lest Ye Something Something

Good to see Wicked Lester back on track.

One weekend left. Then the fun begins. What will this year's playoff "thing" be? One October I ate chips and salsa for dinner a bunch of times while watching games. One year we watched The Shining on the off-nights. And I guess the other years' things weren't that memorable.... eh, this post stinks, go back and watch the umpires again.

Yeah, I wrote the same about Lester a few minutes ago.
Actually I wrote "Nice to see at least ONE person in postseason form at the right time."
Hope everybody else falls in behind him. I'm a tad concerned at this point, which is not like me at all.
However, I'm sure they'll get their act in line and we'll be looking at the MFY in a week or so. And it's our our turn now.
Carry on.
Jon was aces last night - now let's see him do it not in Fenway against the Indians.

Also, I was happy to see the mouth-breathin John (I'll throw any teammate under the bus) Lackey have a crappy outing yesterday.

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