Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Joe Catfish

Guess I'm still not in the mood to talk about Red Sox stuff. But I had been meaning to say this about Torii Hunter: Did you see that interview where he talked about how none of the Angels ever think about how they'd never beaten the Red Sox in the playoffs? And at the end he looks right at the camera and says the only time it comes up is when the media brings it up? Terrible job by him there. Don't act like you don't think about it. It's not like after the ALCS in '04 someone had to point it out to me that the Red Sox had previously had trouble with the Yankees on occasion. Anyway, by celebrating a Game One home run to the point where he had to fire his helmet into the ground, he proved that he indeed had thought about it. Not really relevant now, but I just thought that was a bad move by him, to act like this was something that was forced on him, when he clearly was--rightfully, perhaps--using it as motivation.

I guess this video I shot during the final game will be a companion piece to this post. This was right after Attention Boy didn't get his way and decided to slam his bat into the plate--a move that Bob Watson would have come up with some kind of suspension for had it been a Boston player:

Let's all pray he comes to play against the With-Horse-Fornicators.


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