Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I Shall Sleep Tonight

During a really awesome night of baseball, I had a horrible nightmare! I dreamed that they finally went all the way overboard and started showing close-ups of Jeter's face in the field on a split screen DURING pitches. Can you believe that? Good thing we know no network cold ever go that crazy. They'd have to immediately give up their right to show games to another network in that case. Especially if their reasoning was that there was a man on second in a 5-0 game so the audience needs to know what the shortstop's face is doing at all times.

So Cliff Lee, seriously, he was Clavin' tonight. And making quick work. Paceman Lee. That is exactly what we needed. A game in which the Phils use none of their pen and the Yanks lose with their ace at home AND waste a bunch of their crappy pen guys.

Hey, did McCarver say that A-Rod has renewed his love of the game? Double-U Tee Eff?

One down, three to go, and our man Pedro ready to shut 'em down tomorrow. Francesa and his Yankee fan breth- and sistren can't be feeling too comfortable about Burnett in a key game.

And from my friend Jason--check it out, do Yankee fans not know how to pronounce their best pitcher's name? WCBS880 doesn't think so:


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