Sunday, October 04, 2009

I Can Make A Hat

If anyone was paying attention to the 0-13 game, they stopped when the first team finished the circuit, ending the contest. But I kept on keeping track, and now, with one game left, 18 teams have finished up, 10 are one total away, and two are two away. So it looks like less than 2/3s of the teams will end up having scored every run total between 0 and 13. (That is, if I didn't miss any.) It was a good study in...something. I'll be watching closely tomorrow to see if anyone sneaks in on the final day.

But normal people will be watching the Tigers and Twins, tied going into the final day. Should they remain tied after Sunday, they'll play a one-game playoff on Monday. Only it won't be Monday, it'll be Tuesday, because the Vikings are using the stadium on Monday. I can't believe MLB didn't have something in place to prevent something like this from happening. And what if it had been the National Origami Convention? Would that have taken precedence of the playoff game?

Or a brooch? Or a Pteradactyl?
Just thinking of those lines makes me laugh OL.

Also, maybe at the end of each year I should have a post explaining every reference I made that year.
"How 'bout some more coffee, Johnny?"

"No thanks!"

That is the one that gets me every time...

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