Tuesday, October 06, 2009

How About This?

Drew-haters aren't allowed to say he doesn't try hard enough, but Drew-lovers aren't allowed to mention the (completely irrelevant) "sweetness" of his swing!

No deal. Drew doesn't try hard enough, period. I'll ignore the silly sweetness comments. I'm just praying he doesn't soil the sleeping quarters, so to speak, during the playoffs.
No deal. You're right that the sweetness of his swing isn't evidence of his caring or his performance, but what's wrong with appreciating the aesthetic value of baseball? How about this: You're allowed to say he doesn't care, but I'm allowed to disagree. Cause I can't give up my love of that pretty pretty swing.
I love it! Neither side is budging!

Honestly, even if I was a huge Drew fan--I don't find the swing THAT sweet. I think the really sweet looking swings involve the top hand coming off the bat, Hriniak-style. The stopping of the bat at the shoulder kind of cuts off the full motion of the swing. I'm not saying it's an ugly swing--and I do like lefty swings better in general since I bat left--but his isn't in my top 10.
(At least in my mind his top hand doesn't come off--I'm pretty sure of it.)
Whoa! Wait a minute! Stop the presses! You mean, after his phenomenally red-hot August and September, there are actually still Drew-haters out there? What, these people don't enjoy excellent production from a corner outfielder to go along with good defense? Do these folks hate ice-cream, puppy-dogs and three-day weekends too?

As Theo pointed out in his extensive defense of Drew on EEI last week, Drew finished 2nd behind Bay this year among AL outfielders in OPS (He was 10th in the AL among all qualified players; Youks was 2nd and Bay was 9th). He had a fantastic year for somebody who wasn't trying.

And I don't know why anybody who was actually paying attention over the past two Octobers would have any concerns about Drew's ability to come up big in the playoffs.
I brought this up because of the Theo thing. I'm not saying he hasn't done well lately, but I still don't like him. Or any kind of dog.
I knew I should have gone with kittens instead.

Drew's been very good for 2 of his 3 seasons in Boston, and of course in the postseason. The thing I really crack up over is just how much the media hates him. They got hung up on his salary, and then the whole 'HE DOESN'T CARE!!!' stuff, and so his actual performance doesn't even matter to them. Kinda reminds me of another guy we used to have playing in LF...
Yeah, I always thought Greenwell got a raw deal...
I was talking about Teddy Ballgame.
I was, ya know, j/k. Still and all, I thought you were talking about Manny, AJM...
Yeah Matty, I actually was talking about Manny; my last comment was a joke as well.

Although there is a Ted/Drew comparison to be made as well: two very selective lefty hitters who both got criticized by the Boston media hacks for drawing too many walks.

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