Tuesday, October 27, 2009


After considering the Ghostbusters logo and several Pac-Man themes, we finally settled on Homer Simpson for our '09 jack-o-lantern.

That's really cool. I've never crossed the threshold to the "not actually cutting holes" side of pumpkin carving, and yet I so respect those who have.
Ha, thanks. I didn't know how this was gonna work, leaving the 5:00 shadow and eyes as negative space--we decided to make the shadow be that "less lit up, not a hole" style, but we had no idea how that works. So we did a test peel on the back, and a little light shone through. So I just started slicing off the front around his mouth to get that effect. It's pretty easy, try it....
I love it! It came out great.

And to answer the question from the guy whose comments I don't post, here's how I did it:

I looked at a pic of Homer, and just drew it on the 'kin. I decided to make the eyes and mouth be neg. space. So I cut out where I was supposed to and then did fine-cutting to make the shape as close to perfect as I could. Then experimented with that peeling process to make the mouth area look like the 5:00 shadow. And used a skewer to make the eyeballs. I may tweak further later...
that is awesome. nice stuff, jere!

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