Saturday, October 31, 2009

He Created Us In His Calming-Eyed Image

Oh, I forgot to mention yet another new low in Jeter-gregiousness. This time it was the audio version! Friday morning on the way to work, I was switching stations and saw that it was 8:53, so I knew I could put on CBS-880 without hearing anything about the Yankee win the night before. Yet I had this feeling like somehow there would be some general WS story anyway, and I was right. I flip it on and they start this story on how New Yorkers experienced some notable live music the night before. I guess the Knicks game had something at halftime, and of course the Yanks had Jay-Z (who admits right in his song that his stupid fucking Yankee hat is for fashion purposes, and just now I thought to myself, I bet that guy, like any other casual New York sports fan who has multiple teams to choose from so that they can ALWAYS be a "winner," rooted for the Mets when they were on top, and I quickly found an article which supported my theory) and Alicia Keys. So the reporter tells about the Yankee Stadium performance and adds, "...while Derek Jeter and the other players looked on." Hooray! He's even integral in live music performances that take place near him!

Oh, and for anyone who wasn't watching late in Game One, my report that they were actually showing Jeter's face in the field on a split screen DURING pitches wasn't satire (though I think I'd brought that possibility up as a potential sign of the apocalypse).

Okay, almost time for Game 3. I hear the Phillies have the Phlu. You know what to do, Phils: BREATHE ON THEM. Especially Matsui. And Teixeira's face.


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