Wednesday, October 07, 2009


That Chip Caray sure enjoys the Yankees, eh?

New record in Gratuitous Jeter Shots (GTS) tonight. Home run by someone else, Jeter not invloved. Cut to shot of Jeter in dugout before actual home run-hitter finishes rounding bases. Okay, fine. That's normal--mandatory, in fact. We all need to know what Jeter thinks because that's the most important thing. We get that. But then...replay of Jeter reaction shot! And I thought that would be as far as they could go. Until! As inning ends and we go to break...replay of replay of Jeter reaction shot! And THAT became what I thought would be the farthest they'd go. Until!! Coming back from break at beginning of next half inning...



...replay of replay of replay of Jeter reaction shot!!!!

(If anyone didn't see the game and thinks I'm kidding, check out the replay on, or ask a Yankee fan who watched the game from somewhere other than those first few rows of empty seats.) (And on that last one, they actually had been showing a live shot of Jeter telling a teammate to "watch!" the replay on the big board of the play he had just made, and instead of cutting to that for us to see, they cut to his previous dugout reaction. Even Derek himself had been calling for a different replay!) We are so close to having a split screen with the live game on one side and Jeter in the dugout on the other...

I have to say, though, as much as I make fun of Yankee fans, it was very classy of them to chant "MVP" at Joe Mauer as he crouched behind the plate--and with their captain Derek Jeter at bat right next to him at that! That's just above and beyond. A hat tip to you, Jankee Junta.

Man, me and that Twins starter were pissed, knowing that that team is beatable. Get 'em next time, kid. If not, we'll take care of 'em.

Why were Darling and Caray saying that CC had "electric stuff" after that shitty start he had? Granted, he did turn out to have a good performance, but it appears they would have said it was amazing regardless. It was bad enough to have Caray and his blatant rooting on every ball the Yankees hit--even saying "base..." as in "base hit" a little too early on a ball that ended up being caught easily--but Ron Darling overcompensating for the fact that we all know he grew up a Sox fan and played for the Mets made it even worse.

As well as O-Cab did at the plate early on, I feel like his fielding cost us the game. The throw to the plate--he had the guy if the ball's anywhere near on target. The throw to second on the double play ball cost that poor kid an inning-ending double play. And getting to that ball in the hole but making a weak jump-throw was borderline but I feel he could have made the play. And pretty soon, the Twins had lost their lead.

More Chip fun! What about when Swisher caught a fly ball in very shallow right field and then threw home, as the guy on third held. Was it me or did TBS do the "that play came directly from heaven and the only thing that can do it justice is complete silence from the booth" thing? The throw wasn't even that good! The guy probably woulda been safe anyway! Also, they seemed to think that Joba entering the game would be one of the all-time great moments featuring an all-time legend, instead of what it was: a meaningless moment featuring a nobody. Yet they actually made us watch his entire trip from bullpen to mound before going to commercial. But not before Caray said "here comes Joba" in full growl--the type of thing you'd reserve for a Jeter pop-up home run early in game one of an ALDS...oh wait...

And what about when Chip suggested that Girardi may have brought in Rivera because it would be fitting for him to pitch the last inning of the first playoff game at the new Yankee Stadium. Yeah, and I'm sure he's gonna lead off Yogi Berra in game two...I mean, you just have to...

Hey, I've got an idea! Why don't they keep old Jeter dugout reaction shots at the ready--that way, When Jeter himself gets one up into the jetstream, they can cut to a shot of him reacting to himself from the dugout!

I didn't watch the game, but I only believe every word. The headlines on the sports sites this morning are all glowing about the Yankees. Not reporting the outcome of the game, but glowing over the Yankees. Bleccch. (The only positive aspect of this is they're not giving a lot of attention to the National League's version of the Yankees, i.e., the L.A. Dodgers.)

I haven't watched Orlando Cabrera much since his days with the Expos way back when, but it sounds like he's just as mediocre as ever in the field.
GTS - what does the "T" stand for? Gratuitous jeTer Shots?
Just testing to see who'd notice first. (i.e. I just fucked it up. Myyyy mistake.)
1) It is funny how most people don't think twice about those Jeter shots anymore, yet you know that if they started doing the same thing with, like, Swisher, it would be really weird.

2) GJS trip-replay? GJS^4?

3) Who is ever going to be like "Rivera was the best of all time because he pitched the last inning of the first playoff game in the first year of the new Yankee Stadium!" I hate it when commenters say stuff like that.
I tend to feel that nationally-covered games (including those during the season, but especially the postseason) have commentary on a par with that of the Macy's parade on Thanksgiving. Everything's pre-scripted, nothing's truly insightful--it's reporting on a pageant. If necessary, they MIGHT switch scripts--I'm sure there's a gritty-underdog-last-year-of-the-Metrodome-we-don't-get-no-respect Twins script buried in there somewhere--but the God Bless the Yankees theme is a durable story, if a trite and easy one.

I have to admit I'm loving the from MLB. Yes, it cost me ten bucks. But the benefit of choosing your own camera is that you don't get replays, and you can practically avoid certain players entirely. At the end of the Twins/Detroit game, I had the CF camera, and it stayed on Rodney as off-camera the ball was hit, the run scored, the Twins celebrated. It stayed on Rodney as he left the mound, walked across the infield, into the dugout, and disappeared into the tunnel. I'd been rooting for the Twins, but it was somewhat unexpectedly heartbreaking. And worth ten bucks. (Plus, no commercial breaks, though there are some easily-killed popups.)

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