Saturday, October 31, 2009

Go Phillies And Other Stuff

Unrelated to anything update: Same deal with all Ticketmaster tickets. They still have the Yankees-related disclaimers on the back, no matter what event the ticket is for. I've gotten Celts tix and concert tix recently, and they still have it. I'm not gonna make another video, so you can check out my old one. I still have no idea why this would possibly be, other than the fact that maybe they printed up billions of these and were stuck with them, and would prefer not trashing all that inventory to having everyone's ticket have a completely meaningless disclaimer on the back. But they didn't get rich by writin' a lot of checks....

While trying to find that video, I noticed this one I shot off the TV, where the woman behind Heidi Watney kisses her friend. I'm still surprised that moment didn't make it to all the wacky college-y web sites. Or maybe it did and I never noticed because I don't go to them.

Ate at this place called Louis' today. Just looking at, you think, Hey, was this place on that Diners, Somethings, and Dives show with that guy? So I asked Kim and she didn't know, but within two minutes noticed a sign right behind me saying the place WAS about to be featured THIS Monday night on that show. Crazy. So if you're a Providence person, check it out. The show and/or the place. (I liked that they had a book about the history of the World Series from '85 at a bookcase next to our table. Kim quizzed me. Woohoo!)

Game 3 tonight. I won't see all of it so I will have to pray to all that is holy that when I get the score, "Phillies" is said first. Pleasepleasepleaseplease....


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