Thursday, October 22, 2009

Congrats Phillies, SoSock

Pedro and the Phils are champs of that other, weirder league. In our contest, longtime reader SoSock was the first to guess, and picked 49 total runs for the series. Turns out, he'd be the closest to the actual total of 51. Nice job, SoSock--e-mail me and tell me which two players you want on your baseball card magnet.

Other stuff: Lisa of that Mets/Yanks blog Subway Squawkers interviewed me and others for this article in The Faster Times.

These TV networks just don't get it. The Phils win the pennant, and their first shot is a wide shot from the blimp of fireworks above the stadium. And they hold it there for a second round of 'works before finally cutting to the celebra--nope, a shot of the three Phillies who are kind of standing off to the side high-fiving--before finally cutting to the pile. They think too hard, these people. Or not at all....

My friend Bruce sent me this classic video of the '69 Mets a-singin' on Ed Sullivan.

And I've noticed a pattern. People who are all worried about getting Media Flu and who get the shot are feeling all these mystery pains and think they must have something. Whereas I'm not worried and I don't get the shot (never got a flu shot, never got the flu), and I'm feeling fine....

But I have to say, I'm rooting for Swine Flu. These people who text and talk on the phone without paying attention while driving--they need to be stopped before they kill again. And supposedly this flu hits younger people. Perfect. Thin out the ranks of the selfish--actually, if you're not even aware that anyone exists but you, can you technically be selfish? Please, Swine Flu, my middle finger and horn hand are getting carpal tunnel. (Don't you hate it when you're alongside them giving them the finger after they cut you off, but they don't even notice because they're STILL not aware that you're even there?)

I've been hearing good things about that The Faster Times, what with their philosophical take on baseball and all... ;)

that fireworks from space shot was pretty silly, especially considering how the grand cosmic point of view contrasted with the ho-hum celebration of the phillies on the field, what with their having been there before and all...
Congrats to SoSock...alas, if Victorino's double had been about a foot higher, I would have been celebrating with Wichita. I just missed winning a fantasy football league pretty much the same way a few years ago.

That '69 Mets video is fantastic; I vaguely remember seeing it many years ago. Funny to see the usually-grouchy Jerry Grote laughing it up, and no surprise to see Tug McGraw really enjoying himself, but Why So Serious Nolan Ryan? In the movie version of Bang the Drum Slowly, which came out a few years later, Robert DeNiro and Michael Moriarity (as Bruce Pearson and Henry Wiggen) go on a Sullivan-clone variety show and sing with a few of their teammates; you get the sense that scene was inspired by this. If you look carefully, you can see that they filmed the scene on the old Kiner's Korner set (where Ralph did the Mets post-game show on WOR back in the '60's and '70's).

Congrats on your interview, but one nitpick: I don't think it's fair to say the Sox sleepwalked through the entire 2nd half when they were red-hot for most of August. I'll admit that they did clearly coast through the last 3-4 weeks of the season once the WC was pretty much wrapped up though.

And lastly, I'm starting to catch Phillies' Fever. They've got a great lineup, and while I still have major reservations about their bullpen, I think they'll at least give the MFYs a very hard time in the WS, and they might even win. Wouldn't it be great to see Pedro win a clincher in Game 6?

I'll e-mail you.
Thanks for the congrats AJ, but I haven't given up on the Angels yet. OK, maybe I really have, but one can still cling to a BIT of hope, can't one?

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