Friday, October 30, 2009

Burnett Unclean

Did you see Burnett's blatant balk last night? Man on first, AJ's paused in the stretch. While on the rubber, he starts leaning forward very noticeably, and then steps off. A blatant move toward the plate, then he changes his mind and moves the right foot back. That's a balk. I yelled it at the TV, and as I did, I hear a voice say "he can't lean forward like that!" It was Davey Lopes, the first base coach. Joe Buck did notice, but I'm sure Fox had some taco commercial they had to play so we didn't see a replay and they didn't talk about it further.

But here's the mega-bonus. My co-worker knows Davey Lopes. The dude's from East Providence. She'd been planning on calling him anyway, so now I've instructed her to let Davey know that some of us saw the balk and heard him rightly complain!

And speaking of Rhode Island major leaguers...I had no idea Sam Horn lives around here...until I had to politely ask him to move his giant body so I could get some cheese at the grocery store Wednesday night! (I love that he was wearing a Red Sox hat at the time....)

Post title reference: think Mudhoney. And no, I'm not implying Burnett was trying to deceive the runner, but he definitely did and I can't figure out how an ump could miss that. Then again look who we're talking about here...

Whoa! What store?
No way I'm gonna expose the store his grocery shops at---I'll e-mail it to you.

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