Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Thing To Watch Or Whatever While My Baseball Thoughts Remain In My Head

Awesome video here.

I had this embedded, but I had to remove it. You know why? Because the stupid fucking Google ads that are now in lots of GooTube videos pertain to the site the vid is embedded on. So, since my blog has "pinstripe" in the title and mentions the Yankees a lot, that video on my site gives you an ad to buy Yankee merchandise.

Yet another reason why marketing/advertising is so lame.

(If you've been following this blog since the beginning, you know I had a similar problem right when I started it. Everything comes back around again...)

Note: I chose the crappier quality version because I tried to pick the one that gave away the main joke the least in its title...
Here's the post from March 2004 describing the problem, from back when there were ads on every Blogger blog. They quickly wrote back and removed ALL ads from my blog. But it's funny how it's the exact same problem now.

Notes: The "fiance" in that post is long gone. And the "writing" in that post is "horrible."
Awesome video! I just finished watching "Religulous" so it was a perfect addendum to that movie.

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