Friday, October 09, 2009

Being VERY Careful What I Wish For

I don't know whose team plane I want to crash more, the Yankees' or the Twins'.

Please note that I'm assuming Phil Cuzzi will be on one of the two planes.
I must admit, that call was mortifying. Mauer would've been on 2nd, but after that who knows what could've happened? But I think the Twins should concentrate and why they didn't get a run in with the bases loaded and no out.

Oh, and God, Joe Girardi, why Damaso Marte? Why, why, why?
That was an absolutely awful call, I hate seeing calls that are so obvious missed because it bothers people even more.

Even fans of the team who benefited from the effen call.

And I thought those two calls from the first game between the Angels and Red Sox were awful, last night's was beyond awful.

It definitely cheapens the win because that narrative needs to be talked about, too.

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