Thursday, October 01, 2009


I have no idea if this is "something only I know about" or "on Yahoo's front page" or anywhere in between, but here you go: two dudes dressed as umpires calling pitches from the second row at Fenway on Tuesday night.

Happy new month! Hope it's a good one baseball-wise.

Yeah, they had it on the "video recap" page here:

Which is indeed somewhere in between secret and yahoo's front page.
Well ya got it from a different angle now!

I noticed it said they "strike again," which means I know even less about this. Did it happen at Fenway before or other parks?
I think it's closer to Yahoo territory. They're Jays fans who started out just w/the masks at Rogers Centre at the beginning of the season. Then they bought the full umpire gear and started following the team on the road. I remember them at Yankee Stadium back in July. I think this was their first trip to Fenway.

I'm your man for different angles of famous stuff then......
Oh those wacky Canadians!!!

I posted about it this morning too, then saw this. Just included a link back here.
That's so funny--so it really did turn out to be something that people link to me but AFTER they knew about it.

I have to say, it was pretty funny the way they were in synch. I only saw this in the eighth/ninth when I got to that loge box seat--and between innings, the security guy went down, and I thought he'd kick 'em out. But he just stood there, looked back at the crowd with a big smile on his face until play resumed....

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