Thursday, October 22, 2009

Angels Win In Spite Of Boob

It's a good thing for you the Angels won. Had they not, my rage may have broken your computer.

My lawd, Scioscia, what the capital F? Seriously, dude. I know Darren Oliver was a Yankee killer in, like, '02, but you're going with him (and therefore his bullpen buds) when Peter Brady's pitching a shutout? Even McCarver said beforehand that Lackey should be in until (meaning if) the Yanks tie it. When Tim McCarver is outwitting you, it's time to retire.

And then at the end, Daisy actually gets two outs, but they walk A-Rod to put the tying run on base, forcing the pitcher's attention to now be split, and he alllmost blows the whole damn thing! Thank god for Swisher. And The Huggies Philler.

But nothing made me madder during that game than the patented Fox Jeter three-play. Some other guy gets a key hit. We see Jeter clapping in slow motion from after the play. But what led to that? We need to know. So we get the slo-mo Jeter from during the play. Then as they go to break, another replay of the first clapping shot. Three shots of a completely irrelevant player within about 20 seconds. I really want someone to explain this to me. My throat is still sore from yelling at those assholes for showing that. (You'd think I'd act like I'd "been there before," eh?)

Of course, they didn't show him after he RANGED (ha!) to his left and couldn't get to that ball up the middle. Or talk about it. And they didn't show his losing face at the end of the game, which also could have been fun.

So, overall, nice job, (select) Angels. Weaver, you're in that bunch. You spun the wheel of fish to perfection and I would have just stuck with you for the ninth....

We go "back to New York." (Think of that line in that cartoon caveman's voice. It's funnier.) Stay alive, Angels! I'm behind your often dumb asses!!!! Do it!!!!!!!

Despite a hat size that must be at least 9, Mike Scioscia sure seems short of gray matter at times. All those collisions at the plate when he was a catcher with the (evil) Dodgers, somehow not drawing many calls of obstruction from the umpires, may have affected him.

"Peter Brady"... heh! heh! heh!
It really would be difficult to overstate just how bad both of the managers in this series are. Besides taking out Lackey for Oliver, Scioscia also screwed up by taking out Weaver, a starter who looked great and could have easily gone another inning, for Fuentes, who may be their designated 'closer', but who completely sucks. His other really dumb moves: having Mathis, who's been red-hot at the plate, bunt in the 8th with a runner already in scoring position and a very shaky Joba on the mound and (in my opinion) walking ARod w/2 outs in the 9th...yeah, I know he's hitting a ton right now, but you can't put the tying run on base there. Also, this wasn't Scioscia's fault, but their 3rd base coach was an idiot for not sending Willits home on Figgins' fly ball. Yeah, he might have been nailed at the plate, but w/Rivera on the mound you have to be aggressive and take a shot at getting that insurance run.

As for Girardi, I have no idea why he had Burnett start the 7th after they took the lead. And it didn't end up mattering, but pinch-running for ARod in the 9th was was only the tying run, and if you only tie it that inning, suddenly you have to try to win in extra-innings on the road without your best player.

Ok, I think I'm done ranting. I shudder to think what idiotic moves Scioscia has in store for Saturday night.
Yeah I did mention the Weaver pull, the A-Rod IBB, in this post.

But I did forget to mention Willits not going! Swisher's jumping in the air to catch the ball! And despite McC and Buck acting like it was the right move, that throw bounced twice! He runs through the plate without sliding, I thought. The throw was "on target," but it was Johnny Damon on-target, not Dwight Evans on-target.

I thought the AJ move was fine--after the first few batters, he was throwing a 3-hit shutout.

And you're right on the A-Rod pinch run.
Oops, missed that you mentioned the Weaver pull...

..M-m-m-m-y-y-y-y mistake!

(Can we make that the official "I'd but THAT for a dollar" catch-phrase for this blog?)
The A-Rod IBB by Mr. Big Head and the A-Rod removal-for-pinch-runner by Mr. Pin Head were terrible.
That and "terrible job" are the two most common catch phrases I think. Here. Oh, and "Eh, no Peg."

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