Thursday, October 29, 2009

Al Qaeda, Taliban, The SS, Wal-Mart...

None of 'em are worse than Yankee fans. At least the overthrown dictator doesn't sit there in hell saying "I'm still in charge! I rule!" But Yankee fans live in a reality all their own.

Fine job, Pedro, with a little run support you would have had a W. I believe it was Craig Carton today who said the one thing he was sure of was that Pedro wouldn't strike out 10, like Lee did. (He struck out 9.) I still don't know why so many people don't realize how great this guy has been and still is. I remember Michael Kay thinking he was done five years ago because he didn't have the same old velocity, saying, "it's not like he's Greg Maddux." Yeah, he's better!

Doesn't AJ Burnett remind you of those vampires in I Am Legend? Especially with that head shaved.

Can we get one Yankee playoff series played without the umps outwardly rooting for the Yanks? If you're gonna give an unfair advantage, at least give it to the team that isn't called the Yankees.

So bad that KGB planted living ads behind the plate and behind first base. In case you didn't notice, they had people with the blue jacket from their stupid commercials, unzipped to reveal a shirt plastered KGB logos. These people acted like fans, but really they were just trying to stand as much to show the logo. They'd cheer as if they were all into the game, but if they really were, they wouldn't have been missing half the pitches because they were texting.

Speaking of that, remember "Tom," who came by here leaving a seemingly legit comment, only it had a blatant ad right in the middle of it? I extended an invitation to the person to come by and leave his thoughts in a not-for-profit way. Well, obviously he never read that, nor has he noticed the "ad-free blog" banner, because he came by again today as if the whole other episode never existed, with another shitty ad comment. (And again Allan of Joy of Sox confirms he got another one today, too.) So totally crappy.

Werth, can you not get picked off by the damn catcher after getting a leadoff hit? The Phils did have a few chances tonight, but they acted slightly more Twins/Angels than like Phillies. At least the go to go home now, and they got one game in NY.

McCarver said some incredibly dumb things tonight. If I think of any of them, or anything else, I'll post it tomorrow.

I can't blame the Phillies' hitters tonight. Burnett may have a 10 cent head, but he does have a $10mm arm to go with it. Unfortunately, he had great stuff tonight, although he was getting some help on outside pitches by the umps. Rivera as usual got even more help...that strike three call on Howard in the 9th was ridiculous.

Pedro was fantastic, as I expected him to be; his only real mistake was that hanging changeup to Horseface Teixeira.

The Phightin' Phils are hanging tough; they're clearly far superior to the Twinkies and the Halos. Don't know if it's gonna be enough, but it's good to see a team fight back against the Bronx Bullies.

I almost posted this under my wife's account...good thing I noticed before I sent it.
McCarver said some incredibly dumb things tonight.

In other news, once the sun went down, the sky became dark.


I wonder if McCarver ever has a game where he only says intelligent things?

I don't get my Yankee brethren predicting a bad game from Pedro. Me, I expected him to be great. And that smile at the end cracked me up.

On another note, are you still getting the Subway Squawkers name mixed up with your blog? I wrote google - again - and I'm hoping they finally fixed it!
Lisa--I'll check that out later, thanks for looking into it. I've tried various things with no results.

Also, stop being worse than Wal-Mart! :)

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