Saturday, October 10, 2009

Advice For Red Sox Fans Who Think They Can't Get Tickets

Don't you wish sometimes that you could just call up and get tickets to a game at Fenway Park? Too bad all the games are sold out, especially playoff games....

Wrong! Game 4 tickets are still going for above face on the scalper sites, including the one the Red Sox are in cahoots with, yet you can call the Red Sox' automated line right now, choose your section, and get seats. For a playoff game at Fenway Park. It's like this all year. I keep tryin' to tell ya.... yet all I hear is how "you can't get tickets." At this point I feel like there are probably some people who don't even realize there's any other way to get tickets besides going to the scalper sites. Terrible.

Oh and if you're going to the game tomorrow, you must read this very important bulletin.

Hey, where was "Rally Monday" this year?


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