Sunday, September 27, 2009

Yanks Win Another One Of "Their World Series'"

As long as I'm making fun of my own team for not trying hard enough, I'll gladly make fun of the Yanks for trying too hard, once again acting like the only important thing is beating the Red Sox. They can go for the small victories, we'll take the big ones.

I'd love to see their new band of soulless pricks choke in October as usual.

Hey, why does the Yankee Stadium crowd noise sound like other crowds, when their fans don't know how to hit one hand with the other hand? Could it be that the sound of knuckle dragging makes the same sound as hands clapping?

Anyway, terrible job, people in charge of the Red Sox, you're giving your fans the opposite of what they want to see. Now that the division race is finally over, I have to concentrate on the stupid wild card. 7 games left, three wins or Texas losses and we're finally officially in. A clinch Monday once seemed impossible since we'd easily be in by then. Now, if Texas holds a two-run lead with an inning left, it will be impossible to clinch Monday because we won't be close enough! But again, that's what happens when you make the official decision to stop trying before you've won anything.

Update: Tampa Bay makes amazing comeback to beat Texas! So tomorrow night I have a chance to see a clinch after all....

Update again: Texas' game will be out in unless our game goes until like 1:00 AM, I doubt I'll see any kind of celebration. It's just the wild card anyway....

I'm sure you only post the comments from Yankee trolls to make Yankee fans look bad so this may be futile, but grow up? I mean really, you act like such a baby in your blog. You're a grown ass man. Act like one.
...said the guy who runs to a Red Sox fan blog as soon as the Yankees win the division. What happened to "we don't care about the Red Sox!"? "What rivalry?"

(Also, 'member when you guy used to win championships and we used to lose all the time? Ah, those were the days.)
Also note, college boy, that I'm about 98% positive on this blog-I have a right to complain when I'm super fuckin' pissed.

Rays overtake Rangers with 4 in 9th! Suddenly we're three outs from being able to clinch tomorrow.
I'm not sure where those quotes came from but they're besides the point of my original comment anyways. You don't see me crying and making insults like a 10-year-old who just discovered blogging everytime the Red Sox win.
Wait, I swear Staats just said it was 7-6 TB, but it may only be tied. And Gameday just doesn't work for me anymore. I can't confirm anything, this stinks. But they at least tied it up.
Ah, I posted before I saw your last response. And I respect that it's your blog. And I read your blog all the time, LOL. A glutton for punishment, maybe?
Wow, MLB is so effed up with their boxscores, Gameday, etc, but TB did take a lead--8-6! Now in bottom 9, but Tex has winning run up at bat.
Only problem with the possible clinch tomorrow is that we won't SEE it, since Texas plays in Anaheim and I don't think they'll let us stay until 1:00am...
Yeah I mentioned that in the final update in the post--maybe it wasn't there yet when you wrote your comment. Maybe we'll win in 16 innings!
Even after the Yankees blew a 3-0 series lead in the 2004 ALCS -- something no baseball had ever done before -- I did not run to a Yankees blog to gloat. Man, have a little self-respect.
what does a man, let alone a 'grown ass man' act like?

is there a set of actions and traits to follow? is there a creed and theme song? a certain look and wardrobe?

I am almost 30 and I feel like if I am ever going to be in on this grown ass man thing, the time is near.

Hardy? anyone?
I'm going tomorrow too! I'm also going Wednesday but it better not take take that long. So yeah, 16 innings sounds good!
Look, I'm not gloating. I'm just picking on this specific post because of the inane, immature comments on Yankees fans. That's all. I like reading the blog and looking at the images otherwise. If Jere didn't make those remarks, I wouldn't have made a peep.

And truly good design, that's a loaded question.
I've said it plenty of times, there are good Yankee fans, I grew up with a few of them. But I've "matured" enough to realize that the majority of them are arrogant assholes who'll act like they're better than you even if your team has just beaten theirs five minutes ago. No, I'm serious. I used to think it was the amount of championships that made them arrogant. Since 2004, I've realized they're just like that anyway. That's why that type of person clings to a "winner."
Alright, you have your own reasons for hating us. We can be arrogant about our sports, and this is a sports blog. But is that all?

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