Sunday, September 13, 2009


Yeah!!!!! A 3-1 W. Good things are happening! Dustin with a key dong late. Buchholz looking better and better.

CC hasn't been great today--Yanks and O's tied at 3 in the 6th. Guthrie got out a huge jam which is why that game is still tied. And A-Rod just got himself ejected for arguing a call from an inning earlier. I'd love to see the O's pull off this sweep but it is the Orioles--that game could be 16-3 in five minutes. But I'm holding out hope....

[Update, 4:22: Took a little more than five minutes, but I almost nailed it. Yanks go up 13-3.]

Two hours till game two!

Wow, boldface type is REALLY bold on a PC! That update wasn't THAT important....on my Mac the bold is barely distinguishable from regular type.

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