Monday, September 21, 2009

What We're Sposed Ta

We needed to come out right away and get a big lead to put the pressure on the Yanks before their game starts--and the baseball gods smiled upon us by putting Lenny DiNardo on the opposing mound. I love Lenny, but I can't say I fear him.

And before you can say "seemingly insurmountable 3-0 ALCS lead," we've got a 6-0 lead. Poor Lenny, they didn't even arch his name on the back of his uniform.

Gotta hold on to this. I wanna be 4 games back!

Unfortunately, "Content With the Wild Card" Tito let Wakey tough it out with his balky back in the rain for too long, and then inexplicably brought in Manny DelGascan, who is quickly becoming my least favorite Sox with another really shitty outing.
But Pettitte not looking sharp, two runs already in the first! Reeeally have to hold on to this now slim lead.....
Don: It was a 9-2 Red Sox lead (wrong, it was 8-2), now 9-8 Kansas City. (wrong, it's 9-8 Boston)
It's official, I hate Manny DelGascan. And his suck is contagious...Bard just caught it.

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