Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Toys Rn't Them

One of the people who's always getting pissed about Michael Vick is that Callahan* guy. Like, really, really mad about it. Totally disgusted. Yet today, his partner read a story about a giraffe who died on a movie set. The story said that a girl was protesting the movie-makers, holding a sign that read, "Animals are not for our entertainment." Callahan's response to this:

"Yes they are!"

He added with a laugh, "...or for eating."

This is what I'm talking about! These people that act so disgusted about animal torture don't give a shit about animals. Again, this is coming right from Callahan's mouth: animals ARE there for the purposes of entertainment or a meal for humans. That's his stance on the matter. He views animals the same way Michael Vick does.

He proved my point from the other day. That this whole thing is NOT about animals or torture, it's about seeing someone else do something that's taboo, and bragging about how much better you are than them because you know not to do it. If giraffes were household pets and dogs were wild animals only seen by Americans in circuses and zoos, I guarantee the same sports radio talk show guy would put on the same disguted act about the dead giraffe and the same "who cares, it's just a..." act about the dog.

I've often heard people say, "the people who seem WAY too mad about some despicable act might just be covering up for committing or wanting to commit that same act themselves." And I'm realizing that that's not quite right. It's more like they act extra-angry in an attempt to let others know that they wouldn't commit the act--not because of the act itself, but because it happens to be taboo at that time in their culture."

*it's either Dennis or Callahan, I still don't know who's who, but you know who I mean

It's also about Dennis and Callahan being racists. And that's not a term I throw around lightly. It's disgusting. From the weeks* they spent essentially calling Skip Gates uppity on their sports show, to the fact that they never met a non-white athlete they didn't automatically assume was lazy but naturally talented, or a barely above average white one who they didn't assume was a hard-working, salt of the earth, type guy. And whenever they praise someone from a minority group, it's because they have somehow earned their exalted approval. I can never imagine them praising any black quarterback anyway.

*Not that I actually listened to them for weeks, I'm just guessing based on the fact that I heard them once, and then heard them again, about 2 weeks later and they were still obsessed with it.
They seem to be blatant racists from what I've heard, too. I try to avoid, but, you know, sometimes the other stations have commercials....
I wish the Red Sox would form their own radio station and not associate themselves with those idiots. They could play old games from archive - I would listen to that in the winter.

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