Friday, September 18, 2009

That Time O' Year

I've been itchin' to get that annual letter from the Red Sox letting me know my ALDS tickets (which I get for having a 10-game plan) are ready to buy. I saw the playoff ticket lottery announcement and I knew my envelope would be here soon (yes, they send an escargot mail, along with an e-mail). Yesterday, they got here. Today was the day to do the buying. The way it works is that they give you tickets close to where your plan tickets are, and you buy them within a week--there's no waiting room and it doesn't matter when you get them, they're already reserved for you. The suspense comes in seeing where your seats are and which game they're giving you.

This year: Home game 3. In other words, a game that cannot be played unless we have home field advantage in round one--but even then the series would have to go to a fifth and final game. In 2004, I got a game that didn't happen, and they gave me a chance to buy ALCS tickets. I'm hoping if this game isn't played, I get that chance again. So this could end up being a really good thing. However, the seats stink! Obstructed view, and out in the right field grandstand in one of the "not facing toward the field sections." Oy.

But I've gotten pretty good at getting playoff tickets, so maybe I'll get more besides this one, whatever it ends up being. I think of this now like I do the 10-game plan itself: I know I'll just buy a bunch of other games anyway, but it's good to have the guaranteed two Yankee games, the Interleague game, and of course, the playoff game. And tickets to give to friends and family. Wow, this post ended up being fairly emotionless. I should rewrite it, but, oh well. Too much technical info, when would I should be saying is just: Playoffs are almost here! Sweeeeeet!!!!!


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