Wednesday, September 30, 2009


We were down 4-0 before I got inside the ballpark.

The late rally was fun, though, and provided a taste of October-style Fenway madge.

Maybe I'll post pics tomorrow night. I will not post video of Youk watching strike three with the winning run on base to end the game.

Of course, we can still officially make the playoffs if the Angels hold their 4-2 sixth inning lead. I'll be staying up a little longer....

Hey I just saw a preview of the new Inning of Ken Burns' Baseball--and they showed some scenes from that game where I saw Ken working! I really hope I get in that thing. What history of baseball is complete without me? Ha.

Click here to see what Chuck Knoblauch has been up to.

I was there too! I went to the clincher last year, and they haven't lost a game I've been to since 2005, so I figured it was in the bag. You know who I blame? Reddick. I never would have thought I'd complain about anyone pinch hitting for Alex freaking Gonzalez, but when you have one batter who is hitting .290 and another .196, why on earth would you pinch hit the guy who is doing a hundred points worse! Once they did that I was thinking they might not make it. Oh, and double-H wasn't really on his game either...

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