Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sympathy For The Angel

Aren't you afraid Mike Scioscia is gonna get a gun and just blow his brains out all over the field?

This whole thing is setting up pretty perfectly after a crazy roller coaster win tonight. Any of the little things I wanted to talk about from this game kind of don't matter anymore after that ending. It had it all: Each team trying to give the game back to the other, each team trying to take the game from the other, Mike Lowell running really slowly, and Mike Scioscia giving "the look" from the dugout.

Yankee fan comment of the night (from--surprise--"Anonymous"):

Magic number is 11 and possibly 10 if u guys lose tonight...chuck on those nuts fagget

And that has it all: Homophobia, cowardice, misspellings, and the one-word motto of 21st century Yankee fans: IF. (And like usual, the "if" didn't happen.) Classy stuff. Must be a Bleacher Cretin!


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