Thursday, September 24, 2009

Shinin' The Light In My Face And For What?

When you say "so he's got that goin' for him," you might be quoting the "so I got that goin' for me" line from Caddyshack, but more likely you've just heard others say it and you've picked up on the phrase.

But when you add "which is nice," as Sean Casey just did on the telecast, you're definitely quoting Caddyshack. In a wacky twist, during the previous commercial break I checked the guide thing, and found that CMT was showing...Caddyshack. I wonder if, like, me, El Alcalde is watching during the breaks...

Red Sox lead 4-0 in the 6th. I'd guess I'm gonna update this post.

Update, 11:48: With a little help from the porous KC infield, we get a 10-3 win that was briefly in doubt in the eighth. Great job by HH tonight. Know what I like? That there's a better chance of the Red Sox doin' some clinchin' this weekend than there is of the Yanks doing it. (I can't seem to write that sentence the way I want to, but you know what I'm saying.) Know what I don't like? When Victor Martinez doesn't hustle. I still don't know why Manny was always called out for this, yet no one else ever does. Meanwhile, Lowell has actually been known to not run out a double play ball, Papi rarely even reaches first on a groundout, and Victor--right when he got here he thought he had a homer and didn't run on a ball that stayed in the park. I gave him the BOTD, but since then I've seen him do it over and over. Tonight in the first inning, high pop to center, guy dives for it--at this point you should be rounding first. When the guy misses it, and is lying on his stomach while the ball rolls away, that's when you trot into second. Instead, Victor's still on first. I really like what the guy has done for us and I want to love the guy, but for some reason he just doesn't wanna run. The playoffs are coming, let's just all run out every ball, please. Can't hurt.

"What's that sign say?"
"No bare feet."
"What's THAT sign say???"
"No fighting!"
"What's it mean?"
"No fighting."
Maybe it's because I kick so much butt.

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