Saturday, September 19, 2009

Red Sox x, Orioles x Minus A Lot

Dennis Eckersley really summed up the poor Orioles tonight when he said, essentially, "I don't wanna be their manager, I don't wanna be their general manager, I don't wanna be their owner...I don't wanna do TV for 'em...." And it led to a great moment, as they had been showing a somber Orioles GM in a booth--and right after Eck said all that, they switch to a wide shot, making us realize that the dude's booth is adjacent to Don and Eck's. Eck started saying, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry," as Don points with one arm at the O's guy, then the other at Eck, saying, "not available" (to do TV for the Orioles).

So despite Manny Delcarmen's crap-platter of anti-delights that cause Pap to get up in a game that was 11-3 in the ninth, we get another W in Baltimore. What a key play by Gonzalez on that DP when the game was still close. The guy's amazing. Still.

I'd love to cut that lead to 5, 4 in the loss--the Mariners trail the Yanks 1-0 early, and they're pitching a guy named Titian. Not really, but his actual name is Doug Fister. "Past Tense of Dig" "One Who Fists." Come on, M's, this is no time for jokes! We're in a division race here! [Update, 1:25 AM: Yanks eke out 10-1 win.]

Weird thing: Four current Red Sox: Pedroia, Martinez, Manny, Ramirez.


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