Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Red Sox Give Themselves No Chance To Win--What's New?

I had visions of magic...the only way to see a clinch live tonight would be for our game to last 6 hours, with us winning and then the crowd staying for the final inning of a Texas loss on the scoreboard...and it kinda almost happened. A long rain delay meant the Texas game was already being shown on the board. Had our game started again, and had we had an amazing comeback win, maybe they would have let us stay to watch the end of the other game. And since Texas is getting killed, we really had a chance. But...no, as they just call our game even though the rain had pretty much stopped.

Guess I'll just have to go back tomorrow. This team needs something positive to happen. A celebration with the fans would be great.

I just found out if we make the ALCS, I'll have guaranteed tix through my 10-game plan, since they gave me an ALDS game which now definitely won't happen.

Got one of the ten free parking spots in Boston tonight. I always pass the row of free spots, and I think only once before have I been able to park there. So I saves a few quarters tonight. No balls in BP again--my awesome 2009 run has cooled off.

Talked to a nice Canadian dude all game. We both knew that Jason Bay and Rush were from Canada, so....

I love how rain makes people dance. I got drenched tonight but I got some good pics and video, which I will post--well, I'll post them now but I'll schedule them to appear in the morning. Unless Texas scores 11 runs before making five outs, we've clinched at the very least a one-game playoff for the wild card.

Oh, and I think I was the first fan to find out the game had been called. This dude passed me to open the door to go onto the field to give the official word to the security guard, but first he turned back and said, "they called it." So at least I was able to beat the final rush to the exits, even though there were only 24 people left...

I hope they just get this done tonight, and I really hope they don't have a big celebration just for winning the Wild Card. And please, no 'Wild Card Champion' t-shirts or hats. Then let's break out the Pawtucket/Portland lineups for the rest of the week.
They're gonna do it anyway, so I might as well be there. And I think they need to feel like a team that has accomplished something and have some fun instead of sleepwalking through like like they have been. And then, finally, guys can get some real rest. And then we dominate in Oct.

And you know mlb has already made the hats.... the wild card merch is something I know I'd never buy. I think that's why they make those "playoffs" sweatshirts.
Yeah, I know the hats and shirts have already been mass-produced, and if they win tonight I'll be getting an e-mail from the Yawkey Way Store 30 seconds after the final out promoting them. I just hope the players have enough shame not to put them on.

I also hope Tito doesn't decide to scratch Buchholz tonight at 5pm with some phantom injury.

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