Sunday, September 20, 2009


I don't like hockey--never got into it. But even if I loved hockey, I'd still be pissed at the guy who sat in the front row at Fenway a few weeks ago with Bruins gear and a "Let's Go Bruins" sign. Because he was clearly one of those people who saw one bad loss and said, "season's over!" (Yes, another person who has completely missed the last few years of Red Sox baseball.)

And now, NESN, who shows Bruins games, too, has used that moment from that Sox game as an ad for Bruins hockey! Pisses me off.

BUT, in a nice twist, if you look closely at the guy's girlfriend's shirt, it says "I'm with stupid."

Disclaimer for hockey fans: Again, I'm not making fun of your sport, just people who are dumb enough to think that a bad week in July means the Red Sox are going to lose every single game till the end of time.)

Red Sox at O's, a few minutes from now.

What are the chances he was a plant? A little cross-promotion by the Sox?
It did seem a little odd...
I also remember hearing something on sports radio about a girl talking about her boyfriend wearing a B's jersey, but I just can't dig deep enough in my memory to remember exactly what they were talking about.

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