Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Now I've Seen Everything

Shy of an article about a Yankee win topped with a picture of Jeter sitting at home clapping at the TV set, this is about as Jete-gregious as it gets. That has to be a joke, right? Antics at the sports desk? I mean, to make the main picture in an article, you are pretty much required to have done something that would make the honor deserved, right? I don't think I've ever seen anything like, "Fan takes smoke break while Brewers players help rescue grandmother trapped under tarp." Because a picture of a random guy standing there would have nothing to do with said incident, right?

Anyway, for anyone who heard WEEI's daily berating of callers who actually want the Red Sox to, you know, TRY, I'd like to let you know that I'd just flipped over from the FAN, and not ten seconds earlier heard Mike Francesa confirm with Joe Girardi that the Yankees would be giving their all that night in Anaheim. The best part was when one of those EEI guys said, "believe me, the Yankees aren't pushing themselves either!" When, again, I'd JUST heard their manager say they WOULD be. And they won, and we lost.

And what is all this resting and non-trying getting us? Bay gets the flu. Drew walks up to manager and says he's achy and can't finish the game even though there aren't any players left. Youk misses a whole series. Victor Martinez stops in Cleveland on his trotting way to first. Nick...Green...has... ... deadleg! Did David Ortiz punch him in the leg and say "deadleg!" and it actually worked? Is Ellsbury gonna go on the DL with a Purple Nurple? A Titty Twister for Tek? What the fackin' fack?


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