Wednesday, September 30, 2009

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Do you those "push button to cross street" buttons really care how many times you press it? Sometimes you see someone pressing it over and over, like the thing's really gonna say, "Oh, this person must be in a hurry, I'll make the light change a little sooner." But then I do it myself sometimes, figuring I might as well give it a shot. (Then again, it could be like Jeopardy! where if you buzz in to early, you get locked out--maybe one press makes it kick in but another clears the system.) So, in the rare situation where you can't just cross the street without even worrying about it anyway, what should I do to get that thing to know I mean crossin' business?

I may have the answer! Last night I saw a Boston cop, prepping for the mass exodus from Fenway, and he was pressing the button over and over! So it really must work if a cop does it. (Or maybe he's just as dumb as the guy--sometimes named me--who thinks it actually matters how many times you press.)

Weather update: I've been finding warm spots at Fenway the last two nights. It always seems like there are two different experiences at every game. There are cold people and warm people. Sometimes a cold can be right next to a warm. I just wanna yell at the cold person, "move over five feet and you'll have a wall behind you and you'll be totally comfortable in short sleeves instead of shivering in a jacket!" Monday night it actually got so warm behind home plate, I wanted to go stand in the open air to cool off. And last night it was pretty rough in the wind, but at the Jordan's Deck area, it was like being in the Metrodome. Room temp-style. It's funny how in April, it's the opposite--if you're under cover, you're freezing, while sun people bake.

the cop is just as dumb as the other impatient button pushers.

the thing changes when it is ready. it is triggered upon one push of the button.

subsequent pushing does not speed up or slow down the process, but at least they give you something to do instead of, gasp, just standing there and breathing.
Well I guess the only advantage to multiple presses would be if the thing is at the end of its life, and some presses aren't registering, so another press ensures it. Then again, you'd never know.

But yeah I'm all for breathing.

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